Not your average everyday photography.


San Diego Adventure Time!

So those of you who know me I’ve moved across the country in the past few months. As a result my photography has kind of suffered due to the lack of knowledge I have for around here. But over the past 3 months I’ve slowly been working at trying to make a groove for myself out here. So to start things out I’m trying to catch up on posts I’ve neglected. First up is a few shots I took at the San Diego Safari Park. My boyfriend, his family, and I went there to celebrate his birthday! I had only been in town for 2 days to this completely blew my mind. I’d never seen anything like it. Animals just meandering around while you walk around the paths or take guided tours on trams. It was rad! Here are a few shots from the day.

So there you have it, my first post after the big move and hopefully the first of many!!

P.S. I cannot get use to the sight of palm trees for the life of me!!!!!!



Yes I know I’ve abandoned my site, but I mean to remedy that! These past few months have been quite a whirlwind of things that unfortunately I’ve let my photography suffer from it. Between returning to my old job, traveling, and family events it’s been pretty nonstop. But thankfully do to the traveling I was able to grab some shots to share! I had the luxury of traveling to Sedona, Arizona on a 3 day road trip. I cannot even begin to describe the kind of beauty that exists out there. Here are some of my favorites from my adventure…

Now I know I’ve over processed some of these during editing but I was testing out a new photoshop technique and realized my graphics card is crapping out I think. So until I can properly re-edit them, these will have to do 🙂

Liquid Sundays

So there is this pretty awesome event that my friends Will and John volunteer for called Liquid Sundays. This rad set up of art, bands, food, and beer for a night of enjoyment. This was my second time shooting the event and I had just as much this time as I did the last. Here are a few of my favorite shots of the night.

The Wreckids

Wise Blood

You can check out my Flickr stream for more photos, and also keep an eye out for the next Liquid Sundays because there is a good possibility I’ll be showcasing some of my work!

Free this Saturday?

Hey folks, I know that I’ve been pretty quiet here the past month or so, but with good reason. I’m happy to announce my solo show at New Amsterdam in Lawrenceville, PA! Please feel free to stop by on Saturday and hangout for a bit. Grab some food, some tasty beers, socialize and well… look at my work! Haha! Hope to see you there.

Pittsburgh Zombies @ ScareHouse

Pittsburgh’s own ScareHouse is gearing up for their upcoming haunt season and unveiled  a new attraction. If you know anything about me you know that I LOVE ZOMBIES!!! And I can’t wait to experience Pittsburgh Zombies , although the steampunk part of me is sad that Rampage won’t be there this year (I wanted to turn it into my house). But I digress…  I had the honor of working on the teaser trailer for the new attraction and wanted to share!

A little over a month ago creative director/co-owner of ScareHouse, Scott Simmons, contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to take on a short notice project. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. The mission was to go around the city and take “vacant lot” type photos of the city. I thought it would be super easy because I was heading out early as hell on Superbowl Sunday and assumed that the streets would be bare! I had never been so wrong. I started out in Southside which was probably the worst crowd-wise. At 8 AM there were lines of people staking out whatever bar it was that they’d wanted to saddle up to for the game. This honestly shocked me. But i put my nose to the grindstone and tried my best to get the right kind of photos for this project. After Southside, I made my way through the city going to Station Square, Downtown, Northside, and the Strip District. So after several hours of walking, numerous numb body parts, and several cups of coffee to keep warm, it was finally time to call it a wrap.

These are the (original unedited) shots that were chosen for the project:

Now I will be the first to admit there is nothing special about these photos, BUT with the talent of graphic designer Steven Benton and video editing skills of Glenn Syska it turned into this wonderful piece!

I can’t wait!!!

When left to my own devices…

I DO RAD STUFF!!!! Seriously though, I’ve been pent-up in the house for way to long and going a bit bat crazy.  7 out of 10 times this happens I’ll grab my camera and do some sort of project. That’s how I came up with the bokeh post, and the one about stuff around the basement. So TAAAADAAAAAA here’s another one. Lately I have been DYING to get a strobist kit, but I just can’t bring myself to splurge on it just yet. But I’ve been watching tons of videos youtube and think I have a pretty good grasp on it, so to speak. And spliced in with strobist videos I also really enjoy watching special effects make up tutorials. So today I decided I wanted to do BOTH! I spent about an hour or two doing my hair and make up, and then another couple of hours playing with lighting. Now I don’t actually own a flash so what I did was took a couple lamps, took the shades off, and held them by hand in the positioning I wanted them. Oh, and I suppose I’ll also mention that I don’t have a shutter release either. So it was fun pressing the trigger, grabbing the lights, holding them in place, pose, rinse lather, and repeat. LOL But in all seriousness I really enjoy doing every part of this, who knows maybe this is a start of a series of self portraits or something. Hope you likey!

Suppose I should go wash my face off now 😉

First time for everything

This past weekend I had the privilege of having a photo shoot with my friend Nessa for a costume designer I met through Model Mayhem. Dana is the creator of Dark Desire Designs and is in the process of starting up her own cosplay/costume design business. When I heard the words cosplay/costumes I got excited and jumped at the chance to work with her. For me this was the first time meeting up with someone from MM and it was also Nessa’s first time modeling. After an hour or so of me fussing with Nessa’s hair/makeup and an hour of shooting outside freezing our butts off,  I think we did a pretty good job. And with hopes Dana does too and I’ll get more chances to work with her, but for now here are some shots of Dana’s geisha costume. More photos in my Flickr, of course.

Let me know what you guys think!

Many many thanks go out to Dana for the costume, Nessa for being patient and freezing her bum off for me, and James for being my lackey for the day.