Not your average everyday photography.


Josh & Lacey

Talk about a sweet couple! Josh and Lacey were super awesome during the engagement shoot with Nicola and I. Even though Balboa Park was super packed this particular day we had fun finding little nooks and crannies of the park that weren’t so populated. End results were a fun day of adventuring and some really great shots!

Super excited about their wedding in August!!


My first engagement shoot!

A few weeks ago I got the chance to accompany Nicola on my first engagement shoot with her. While being the one in charge of holding the lightbox (which let me tell you it was a feat in itself! HOLY COW is it windy by the ocean!) but I was also able to snap off a few shots of the lovely couple while there. We ventured down to Sunset Cliffs and the pier in Ocean Beach and had some fun. These two were just a blast and made work really easy. Here are just a few of the shots I got.

I know the sun flare is kind of distracting but I just think this shot represents their personalities the best. Such a fun happy couple. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year!

New things on the horizon

I’m getting really excited about the possibilities that are opening up for me. Not too long ago I met up with a local wedding photographer who was looking for an assistant/2nd shooter. Luckily Nicola and I hit it off well!! About a week or 2 ago we got together to work on a shoot. There is a series she’s working on that the concept is REALLY cool. I don’t know if she’s keeping the project a secret or not so I won’t divulge that infomation, but I’ll definitely keep you posted!  While working on this shoot she was nice enough to let me snap off a few rounds with my camera and start practicing with lighting (which is something I’ve never really had the chance to work with before). So with the help of Nicola and her equipment here are a few of my shots.


THIS ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAV!!!! What do you think?

Now off to do some more editing! Next up? A wedding I attended this past weekend!!

When left to my own devices…

I DO RAD STUFF!!!! Seriously though, I’ve been pent-up in the house for way to long and going a bit bat crazy.  7 out of 10 times this happens I’ll grab my camera and do some sort of project. That’s how I came up with the bokeh post, and the one about stuff around the basement. So TAAAADAAAAAA here’s another one. Lately I have been DYING to get a strobist kit, but I just can’t bring myself to splurge on it just yet. But I’ve been watching tons of videos youtube and think I have a pretty good grasp on it, so to speak. And spliced in with strobist videos I also really enjoy watching special effects make up tutorials. So today I decided I wanted to do BOTH! I spent about an hour or two doing my hair and make up, and then another couple of hours playing with lighting. Now I don’t actually own a flash so what I did was took a couple lamps, took the shades off, and held them by hand in the positioning I wanted them. Oh, and I suppose I’ll also mention that I don’t have a shutter release either. So it was fun pressing the trigger, grabbing the lights, holding them in place, pose, rinse lather, and repeat. LOL But in all seriousness I really enjoy doing every part of this, who knows maybe this is a start of a series of self portraits or something. Hope you likey!

Suppose I should go wash my face off now 😉

Christmas time is here

The magical time of year has rolled around once again. All the hope and wishes of everyone focused into one special season. Lights twinkling on the tree, presents being wrapped, children brimming with anticipation all have a certain magic about them. Here are a few shots I snapped while my nieces and nephew decorate the tree…



One of those days…

That you want to crawl under a rock and stay there.

Toys + Bokeh = Mega awesome

Over the weekend I decided to spend some time reading and practicing different photo techniques. First up to bat is bokeh. And if you’re wondering what bokeh is, it’s when points of light in the background turn into pretty little orbs of light which kind of resemble stars. With the lovely assistance of Senor Stormtrooper and Mr. Tick I snapped off a couple neat shots.

After playing with that a while I found some supplies laying around the house to make my own bokeh lens hood. With a bit of tinkering around with thin cardboard and some stamps I was able to make a star…

And a little heart…

And there you have it. My first adventure into bokeh!! I had an absolute blast working on this and without even realizing it spent 10 hrs playing around with it. Also helps that i had the coolest “models” EVAR!! To check out some more shots just scope out my Flickr stream.