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Free this Saturday?

Hey folks, I know that I’ve been pretty quiet here the past month or so, but with good reason. I’m happy to announce my solo show at New Amsterdam in Lawrenceville, PA! Please feel free to stop by on Saturday and hangout for a bit. Grab some food, some tasty beers, socialize and well… look at my work! Haha! Hope to see you there.


My First Show!

So I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and start really trying to push myself with my photography. If I’m ever going to make a life of this I should probably make people know who I am, if I’m every going to get anywhere with this. So viola! My first gallery showing. For the first time in a long time (if not ever) I’m confident in the pieces that I’m submitting. And I think they will go over well. So if you’re in the Pittsburgh/Butler area on Friday January 21st you should stop buy and take a gander for yourself!