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Got my nerd on…

So I haven’t updated in a little while since my partner in crime hasn’t been feeling too good as of late and hasn’t been taking on too much new business. Good news is that we have a wedding gig set up for the beginning of next month! So in the meantime I’ve been keeping myself busy! First I did a photo shoot with the lovely Charlee Monroe (which I will be posting about as soon as I finish editing) that was amazing, and I’m excited for the end of this month for a long weekend spent visiting Portland and Seattle!

But for this post…. well if you don’t know me I’m kind of a nerd. AND DAMN PROUD OF IT TOO! I love me some Star Wars, I’m going through watching all of Star Trek: Next Gen right now, if I was skinnier I’d love to do cosplay of a multitude of characters(haha), I’m a gamer, and a zombie lover.  There are many more things I like but for the sake of the post I’ll just leave it to that for now. So when I found out I was going to grace the halls of San Diego Comic-Con I nearly peed myself!

I immediately started to try to plan out how much I could squeeze into one day and all the events that were going on around the city (not just at the con). I only found out a few days before that I would be going and didn’t have much time to fully understand the magnitude of this event. Not to mention it reminded me… but more so my body… exactly how old I am! With attending just the preview night, and the first two full days, I was 110% tapped out and hurting something fierce! Now that I know what to expect I want to go back next year, and hopefully with more friends to join! And maybe a few cosplay characters in store? *crosses fingers* But we shall see. I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted, and over all kind of surprised at the lack of cosplayers that were there when I was, but I’m assuming they were all in panel lines or days that I wasn’t there. But none the less here are some of my fav shots, and you can check out the rest in my Flickr stream.

Till next time kids!