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Instant Bonds

A few years ago I attended the most interesting wedding I can recall to date. I didn’t know the couple or their family, and hardly anyone attending. I was invited in from out of town by the maid of honor who had been friends with the bride for as long as either of them could remember. The bride, Jenny, maid of honor, Janitza, the maid’s cousin, Danitza, and myself spent the week leading up to the wedding in a crash course bonding experience, lol. I had been friends with Janitza and Danitza for a few years, but just met Jen for the first time. It was a whirlwind of a week from having to replace Janitza’s dress, the bachelorette party, a close call to standing in as one of the bridesmaid… (since one of them didn’t show up), and giving posing advice to the photographer as well as snapping off a few pics of my own. Now I was not impressed at all with the shots that I had taken of that day, since I wasn’t actually working the wedding, but I did grab this one…

I thought it was really neat and whimsical with all the bubbles floating about as they exited the church. But upon months later a visit with Jen she had asked for any and all photos I have from that day. Apparently the photographer they had hired was more into the party aspect and not so much into the actual working part. My heart sank when she told me that and I kicked myself for not trying harder with the photos I did take, but I gladly showed her what I had and handed them over to her. With any hope she found comfort in them.

So what do you guys think of the shot? Cute? Distracting? Best thing ever? lol I kid.

Shoot ya later