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I can’t express how excited I am to share this set. I was lucky enough to attend Phipps Conservatory’s “Candlelight Evenings”, where they have their Winter Flower Show going on, but you get to walk through at night with the walkways lit by candles. I don’t know what it was about going through there at night, but there was just something extremely enchanting about it. I have been to Phipps once before and I loved it the first time but now…. now it’s a very special place to me. I can honestly say the photos I took there are probably my best to date. It’s going to be very hard to decide which ones to post here. I almost wish I could post them all on here, but then again that’s what Flickr is for! So with further ado here are some of my favorites

MANY MANY MANY MANY  Hugs and Thanks go to: Firstly to @hellohahanarf for letting me know that this even was even going on! If it wasn’t for her I would have completely missed it! (Tonight is the last night for it!!) And secondly to @djlunchbox for being a great friend and joining me for this even. I knew he was my best friend for a reason 😉


Christmas time is here

The magical time of year has rolled around once again. All the hope and wishes of everyone focused into one special season. Lights twinkling on the tree, presents being wrapped, children brimming with anticipation all have a certain magic about them. Here are a few shots I snapped while my nieces and nephew decorate the tree…



What’s laying around…

I’m not sure what inspired me to do this today. I think it may have been just how the light was coming in through my basement window, but regardless I’m happy I did. Some of my favorite things to photograph are discarded items. Be it buildings or just trinkets someone no longer cares for. The light coming through the window made me notice the cobwebs around the corners and little trinkets I had put up there when I first moved in. It was then that the lightning bolt struck… I LIVE IN A FREAKING BASEMENT!!!! The entire place is full of discarded stuff! Not to mention my BIL also has a workshop area set up as well. So grabbing my camera it was time to play. Here’s some of what I got:

I Made It! Market Adventure!!

So yesterday I ventured down to the Southside to check out this market I’ve heard everyone talking about. Turned out to be an AWESOME day and I’m so happy I went. The market was full of beautiful handmade items ranging from candy to pottery, this place had a plethora of stuff. If you couldn’t find something there that you liked… there is something wrong with you. Without planning on buying a single thing I ended up spending every last cent I had on me. And I’m very happy I did. Here are some shots I snapped throughout the day.


I was lucky enough to attend this years BrewFest sponsered by Pittsburgh rugby league. With tons of beer and good friends it was a much needed night out. Also a special thanks to @pghrugbyangel for allowing me to shoot a bit while there. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

And as usual if you’d like to see more you can just check out my flickr page.