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One of those days…

That you want to crawl under a rock and stay there.


Toys + Bokeh = Mega awesome

Over the weekend I decided to spend some time reading and practicing different photo techniques. First up to bat is bokeh. And if you’re wondering what bokeh is, it’s when points of light in the background turn into pretty little orbs of light which kind of resemble stars. With the lovely assistance of Senor Stormtrooper and Mr. Tick I snapped off a couple neat shots.

After playing with that a while I found some supplies laying around the house to make my own bokeh lens hood. With a bit of tinkering around with thin cardboard and some stamps I was able to make a star…

And a little heart…

And there you have it. My first adventure into bokeh!! I had an absolute blast working on this and without even realizing it spent 10 hrs playing around with it. Also helps that i had the coolest “models” EVAR!! To check out some more shots just scope out my Flickr stream.

So it begins…

So here is my attempt to kick myself in the arse and get my photography really going. I’ll make the assumption of this being a trial period since I’ve never done blogging, but we’ll see how this goes.

This photo embodies alot of hope I have for numerous things. Never let it die.